Physical Education at Vicarage

Vicarage’s motto is “be the best you can be” and sometimes the best a child can be is out of the classroom. We at Vicarage dedicate a lot of time to the children’s physical ability as a means to raise self-esteem, perseverance and achievement.  Our priority is to motivate pupils to engage in life long physical activity to promote health, fitness and well-being.

To do this we have drawn upon the passion and expertise of our sports coach and staff to produce an exciting new curriculum. 

PE takes centre stage in developing pupils’ competence and confidence. We enjoy an energetic physical education curriculum, in which children develop skills and physical fitness across a range of different sports. Children receive teaching not only in conventional team sports and athletics, but benefit from units of Gymnastics, Dance and Swimming.

Our school regularly takes part in a range of sporting games in the borough. Of the many celebrated successful teams the school houses, the Football team were winners of the 9 a-side league last year and are strong promise for continuing their reign this year.