School Council

Our School Council has been elected by the students to represent the interests of all our pupils, giving them an active voice in our school community.

The council meet on Tuesday every fortnight, where they lobby for the interest of their peers and organise different initiatives on their behalf to benefit our school, our local community and various other charities working worldwide. 

Areas they have impacted include anti-bullying initiatives, improvements for the playground, dining hall behaviour and the school’s meal options. They are also regularly involved in fund-raising. The School Council meets regularly with our Head teacher Mrs Khan and Governors to share their views and ideas about school development plans.

School Council News

What would you like to see happen in our school? Speak to one of our School Councillors.

Members of our School Council

Year 3

Jannat 3B, Olivia 3MA, Mara3A, Tiffany 3M

Year 4

Ishaaq 4M, Linisha 4C, Panashe 4U, Habib 4B

Year 5

Oprah 5N, Mahdiur 5S, Sam 5I, Saabirin 5I, Ryan 5P

Year 6

Madinah 6Z, Saniya 6S, Tyra 6I, Rafael 6I, Sikander 6B, Bushra P

Chair – Sajeeha 6Z

Vice chair – Adeeva 5P,

Secretary – Ahmad 6S, Valentine 5S