Subject Areas

In Vicarage we teach other subjects alongside the core subjects of Maths and English. Please click on the links below to see what our children are doing in each subject area.

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Here at Vicarage Primary School we recognise that Mathematics is an essential tool for everyday life. We provide a high-quality, enjoyable curriculum which ensures the needs of every learner is met. It is our aim to develop pupils’ mental and written fluency, competence and confidence in mathematical knowledge and skills so they are equipped for secondary school. The curriculum also teaches children to: solve problems by reasoning, thinking logically, working systematically and accurately; communicate using mathematical vocabulary and apply mathematics in real life.

In Vicarage Primary School, children are encouraged to see mathematics as both written and spoken language. Teachers’ support and guide children through the following important stages:

  • Developing the use of pictures and a mixture of words and symbols to represent numerical activities.
  • Using standard symbols and conventions.
  • Use of jottings to aid a mental strategy.
  • Use of written procedures.
  • Use of a calculator.

Useful maths websites

BBC KS1 Bitesize Maths Games

Woodlands Maths Zone – fun interactive maths games

Ambleside Primary School Maths Zone

Coxhoe Primary School – Numeracy Games

BBC KS2 Bitesize Maths Games

Mad4Maths fun numeracy games

Mathletics an interactive learning

Each pupil has a login and password for this – this website will be used for homework tasks, revision and some assessments – teachers have access to this and can use it to monitor.

Cool  Maths games website for pupils

Mathszone website with hundreds of links to other websites – most resources are for KS2 with some for KS3

Family learning a  multiplication website with links to other websites full of times table games                                

‘Nrich’ is a Maths website which focuses entirely on problem solving. It is used in Maths throughout our school, but can also be accessed at home. There are always ‘live’ problems which the children can try to solve and submit their solutions online.

‘Maths is fun’ can be very useful for providing demonstrations and examples of how to perform different calculations. It also has a wide range of activities you can print out for children to complete.

ICT games website full of good maths games

Top marks website is full of maths interactive games for 3-5,5-7 and 7-11 years children.  years/counting

Phonics – RWI

In the Early Years and Year 1 we teach phonics using Read Write Inc. Phonics. This is a programme designed to help children learn to read and write quickly.

Our school has been appointed as a Read Write Inc. Model School as a result of our excellent practice of the programme.

Literacy and Language

From Year 2 through to Year 6, Vicarage use a literacy programme called Literacy and Language. This builds on from EYFS and year 1 RWI; it ensures continuity and consistency for children’s learning.

Literacy and Language is in line with the new national curriculum. It is designed to develop reading, writing and speaking. It is taught using fun and creative tasks to engage the pupils.  We incorporate drama opportunities to allow children to gain a deeper understanding of the text, to build rich vocabulary and to become articulate speakers.  The input, along with structured writing tasks, allows children to use their new ideas and vocabulary to create final written outcomes. The teaching of spelling and grammar is incorporated throughout the units.

Websites for you to use at home:

Topmarks –

BBC Bitesize –

BBC schools –

Crickweb –

Woodlands Junior –



Computing at Vicarage Primary School

A computing programme of study was introduced in primary schools for the first time in September 2014. It has replaced the subject of ICT. The shift to computing will encourage students to start programming, as well as other important skills. The aim of these skills is to prepare your child for the workplace and participate actively in the world of new technology.

At Vicarage Primary School, we are excited to introduce and deliver the new computing curriculum. Students enjoy computing. One of the ways this is demonstrated is the good level of attendance to an after school computing club. We are also very well resourced. In fact, there is a laptop trolley for every classroom, meaning your child will have access to a laptop computer. We also encourage class teachers to use an iPad as part of learning. We have a range of software and hardware which is continually updated by a dedicated team of staff, which include a full-time computing co-ordinator and computing technician. Other resources include the use of Bee-bots, a clever and simple piece of hardware used for programming for KS1, where students as young as five, start to take their first “bee” steps in programming!

We ensure that there is a strong focus on e safety. We teach children how to keep themselves safe and to treat others with respect. Children consider how their online actions impact other people and how they need to be aware of their legal and ethical responsibilities, keeping passwords and personal data secure and observing the terms and conditions for web services they use such as the 13+ age restriction on sites such as Facebook. There is also an e safety policy students are asked to read and sign inside their school diary.

Below is a detailed breakdown of topic areas covered in KS1 and KS2:


Understand what algorithms are.

Create and fix simple programs.

Use logical reasoning.

Use technology purposefully.

Recognise common uses of IT beyond school.

Use technology safely and respectfully.


Design, write and debug programs.

Use sequence, selection and repetition.

Use logical reasoning.

Understand computer networks.

Use search technologies effectively.

Select, use and combine a variety of software

Use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly.





Modern Foreign Languages

The National Curriculum states that learning a foreign languages is now compulsory at KS2 and it should “lay the foundations” for foreign language learning at KS3.

In order to meet these requirements, Vicarage Primary School has a specialist language teacher. It has been decided that for the children’s language skills to progress sufficiently, from the academic year 2017-18, only Spanish will be taught.

(The current Year 6 children (2016-17) will therefore continue with their French in order to complete the learning they started in Year 5).

It is our aim that KS2 pupils will be taught to:

  • Listen attentively to spoken language and show understanding by joining in and responding
  • Engage in conversations, ask and answer questions, express opinions and respond to those of others, and seek clarification and help
  • Read carefully and show understanding of words, phrases and simple writing
  • Broaden their vocabulary and develop their ability to understand new words that are introduced into familiar written material, including through using a dictionary
  • Write phrases from memory, and adapt these to create new sentences, expressing their ideas clearly
  • Describe people, places, things and actions in speech and in writing

Help at home

In order to support and extend your child’s language learning, it would be of huge benefit if you could discuss their learning and the topics covered and encourage them to show-off their new language skills. There are many fantastic, interactive websites that have been designed especially for children, which not only meet the curriculum expectations, but are also really great fun! Please encourage your child to practise skills learnt and to extend themselves.

Useful websites