SEND Information

SEND (Special Educational Needs Disability) Provision

At Vicarage Primary School we are very proud of our SEND provision. The SEND team comprises of an Assistant Head/Inclusion lead, Specialist Teacher for Dyslexia/SEND Support and Teaching Assistants who support our SEND pupils.

All Teachers and Teaching Assistants are involved in the teaching of pupils with Special Educational Needs. Class teachers are responsible for differentiating the curriculum for pupils with Special Educational Needs. They monitor their progress using Progression Steps or The Engagement Model. We use a number of approaches to teaching that support all children and their learning styles.

This is evident in the teachers’ planning and the delivery of lessons and may take the form of whole class, group or individual teaching. Other agencies support and advice is also used to compliment the planning and delivery of quality first teaching.

Roasting marshmallows on the fire we made. 

We are making a fire. 


Setting a trap to capture footprints of animals in the environment.

I enjoy pushing the trolley.


I enjoy pushing the trolley. 


Vicarage Primary School has the Flagship status for Inclusion and Inclusion Quality Mark Assessors review us annually. We work as part of a team of schools that support each other. We have regular cluster meetings and visit each other’s schools as part of the process.

The school is legally required to publish a SEND Information Report and School Local Offer which sets out its aims and provision regarding SEND in school. Please click on the links to view.

The SEND provision at Vicarage Primary School continues to be a wide and comprehensive offer. This is for pupils with or without a EHC plan. 

We are making ornamnets for our Christmas tree at the Santa Workshop.


We use a number of intervention strategies. They include:  

The Nature Project

The Nature Project (a nature learning and sensory integration programme) allows children to explore the natural environment using all their senses. They are able to explore heavy work, digging, pushing a wheelbarrow among other activities. There is pond dipping, lighting a fire, popping corn, making hot chocolate and other life skill tasks.

The programme enable pupils to develop an understanding of the natural world around them and sessions are linked to variety of subjects including Science, Maths, History, Geography, literacy, Art and Life Skills.

Pupils using ink made of charcoal to capture the footprints of animals in the environment. 


Pupils learning how to light a fire safely. 


The Listening Programme

This programme re-patterns the hearing to increase listening skills and auditory skills and de-sensitise the hearing sense. Two members of staff attended training and equipment was purchased from Pupil Premium budget. 16 pupils are on this programme and receive daily sessions for 10-12 weeks.

The early signs of the progress of pupils on the programme are very encouraging and pupil’s concentration, attitude to work and behaviour are being effected.

Painting a Tree independently. 

Our footprint catcher complete!

Speech and Language Therapy

This year, our school is continuing to buy in extra sessions of Speech and Language Therapy from East London NHS Foundation Trust. 
We currently have one Speech and Language Therapist in school every Tuesday. She works extensively with pupils, Teaching Assistants and parents providing 1:1 sessions, observing pupils, assessment, providing training and feedback to staff and parents.

If you have concerns about your child’s speech, language or communication, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss these concerns. If there is a need to work one-to-one with your child or to carry out further assessment, you will receive a letter to request your permission and to invite you into school for a meeting.

Sensory Session

Exploring colours

Painting using primary colours. 

Life skills in our local area.

Health Professionals

We have the ability to refer to the NHS School Nurse Health Team Visitor. They provide services in the form of training and advice for parents and staff. Training provided consists of awareness in Epilepsy, Epipen, Sickle Cell and Enteral Feeding among other medical conditions. They also assist us in writing Health Care Plans for children with allergies and other medical needs. If you have any medical concerns and would like to discuss these concerns please contact the school. 

Newham Family Information Service 

Newham Family Information service website provides information and sign posting to services that support families in Newham, including details of:

  • SEND Local Offer
  • Early Help and family suppor
  • Education and SEND
  • Specialist Health Services
  • Independent advice and guidance
  • Preparing for adulthood
  • Travel assistance
  • Local child care and early years provision
  • Family and children health services
  • Education
  • Parenting support
  • Help to get back to work, training or education
  • Financial support
  • Relationship and family support

Provision For Pupils With EAL 

Many of our pupils have English as an Additional language. Particular provision for pupils who are new to English is as follows:

  • Additional phonics sessions to ensure that new arrivals learn to decode quickly.
  • Before and after school booster sessions to support with literacy and numeracy.
  • Same language class buddies to support with speaking and listening both in the classroom and playground.
  • Many of our school staff are bilingual and are able to translate when speaking to both pupils and parents.