During History lessons at Vicarage, the children are encouraged to delve into the past and seek out the clues that artefacts and other sources can give us. They become Historians and Archaeologists themselves! The curriculum is carefully designed with the History Coordinator and class teachers to engage the children with History using a hands-on approach.

The pupils are given opportunities to experience History in a variety of ways, from interactive workshops, storytelling and writing, to drama, debating and art. They are given opportunities to learn in a fun and meaningful way. We also provide them with artefacts and replicas so that History is brought to life and is real for them.

Living in London, we also have a wealth of museums that we often take the children to, where they can see real artefacts and take part in workshops that are run.

Not only are the children encouraged to learn about the past and the specific period of time they are studying. But they are also encouraged to make links to other topics for example religion, culture and beliefs. Making links helps the children gain an understanding of where they come from and who they are. It gives our children the skills to understand a sense of time and place

Bringing History into the core subjects is also a large focus at Vicarage. The children are encouraged to use their Historical skills and Literacy skills together to create outcomes, such as, a Roman diary entry for Yr. 4 and a persuasive letter for Yr. 6.

We use a range of teaching methods, which should match the abilities, and interests of pupils.

  • Teacher presentations, role play, drama and storytelling
  • Group and collaborative working
  • Question and answer sessions, discussions and debates
  • Investigating artefacts and sources of evidence.
  • Opportunities to learn through first-hand experience. This includes: visits to museums and sites of historical interest, handling artefacts, theatre re-enactments, oral accounts from visitors to school.
  • Use of ICT (interactive whiteboard, internet, CDs, DVDs, database)
  • Producing models, drawing, sketches, diagrams, maps, timelines
  • Producing a range of written work including descriptive and narrative writing

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Topics we cover

Yr. 1

  • The Gunpowder Plot
  • Man on the Moon
  • The Olympics (Local History)

Yr. 2

  • Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole
  • The Great Fire of London
  • Seaside from the past.

Yr. 3

  • Ancient Egypt
  • Stone Age and Iron Age

Yr. 4

  • The Romans
  • Anglo – Saxons

Yr. 5

  • Ancient Greeks
  • Local History (WW2)

Yr. 6

  • The Vikings
  • Ancient Islamic Civilisation

What’s been happening?

During history learning this year, there has been a buzz about school with lots of workshops and trips. The children have been exploring what has gone on in the past in many different ways. In class, artefacts have been explored and thrilling drama performed. The level of homework being brought in has also been outstanding. From posters and PowerPoints, to 3D models and dioramas.

Vicarage Primary School strives to use the resources we are so fortunate to have in London. Year 5 have luckily been able to work with the Museum of London during their topic on Local History. The Petrie Museum from The University of Central London is also going to be working alongside Year 3 during their Egyptian studies. These are very inspiring and interesting events in which the children are able to learn from experts in their fields.

Assessment of history has also changed this year and the children have book marks to use alongside their learning. They are able to reflect on what they have learnt and how they are progressing in the subject. The children have found it very useful and enjoy understanding what they are to do in order to move their learning on.
Year 5 have also had an incredible experience exploring REAL life artefacts found in our own Mrs Hussain’s garden. Gas masks and metal helmets from World War Two.

Year 2: Great Fire of London workshop

Year 5: Workshop from Museum of London

Year 5: World War 2 artefacts

Year 6: British Museum Ancient Islamic civilisations trip

What is coming up?

In the summer term, children at Vicarage will be learning many more exciting things in History.
Year 1 will be learning about the Olympics, Year 2 will be learning about Seaside from the past, Year 3 will be learning about Ancient Egypt and history around Newham, Year 4 will be learning about the Saxons. Finally, Year 6 will be learning through a thematic study across time using immigration as their theme.

Black History storytelling workshop

Year 2 Florence Nightingale Workshop

Year 4 Roman Day





Year 5 Ancient Greeks Workshop



Year 6 Viking Workshop

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