At Vicarage, our maths curriculum aims to prepare enthusiastic, life-long learners of Mathematics. We provide our children with rich opportunities to problem solve, reason and make links, using contextual examples. We also aim to create cross curricular links by applying our knowledge of Maths in other subject areas, for example: creating graphs and tables in Science, reading coordinates in Geography and calculating periods of time in Physical Education. We want to ensure that our pupils have a solid conceptual understanding of the fundamental of maths, so that they can use these as building blocks to make mathematical sense of the world around them.

Our teaching and learning of mathematics extends beyond the classroom: we provide interventions and boosters for children who struggle in maths; we also offer maths club for pupils who like to explore all aspects of maths, in a creative way; and we take part in interschool maths bees where our pupils compete against peers from neighbouring schools. This year, we have participated in the ‘National Youth Mathematics Awards’ contest and came up to the regional finals.

At Vicarage, we support our pupils with lots of fun and engaging activities to take part in (in and out of school):

  • Our mathletics subscription allows pupils to improve their maths skills and also complete with other children around the world;
  • Times Table Challenge is something the children at Vicarage love. Pupils are tested regularly and are rewarded bronze, silver, gold, platinum or diamond badges.
  • Peer- Teaching is a new concept that we will be embedding. During lunch times, our year 6 children will be running ‘Maths Help’ sessions for our younger pupils of Vicarage. We hope this will further facilitate our reluctant mathematicians, through creating interest and making progress.

Upcoming Events:

12th March 2018: Maths Day- A celebration of numbers! Pupils will be solving practical problems in a fun, engaging way. Keep a watch for more information.


Useful Websites:

Mathletics – Your children have logins to access this webpage – Useful videos on teaching calculation strategies to your child. – Past KS1 And KS2 SATS paper

For Mastery help:

Please note some of these webpages need you to sign up. However the resources are free to access.