Mother’s day

EYFS Mother’s Day Tea Party

In Nursery and Reception, the pupils wanted to find a special way to show their mum’s just how much they appreciate their hard work and continuous love and support.
What better way than to throw a Tea Party!

All week pupils worked hard to make banners saying why they love their mums.
They also painted portraits of their mums and made Mother’s Day cards and bouquets. They practised signing a range of songs which they performed to their mums at the tea party. Below are some comments from our mums.

What a beautiful celebration is was! The Nursery and Reception put on a mini concert for their mums before enjoying a yummy scone, biscuits and tea. The feedback we received from our mums was amazing! Thank you!

“The afternoon tea was such a beautiful experience, thank you for organising it “

“What a wonderful tea party! James spoke about this all week and was so happy to invite me to come along to hear the singing and show me the crafts, well done Reception team!”

James’ mum RPR
“This is one of the most moving things I as a mum of 3 have ever had. It is a really lovely idea, much appreciated Thank you all!”

Paula’s mum RR
“A lovely tea party, a beautiful way to appreciate mums xx”
Nursery mum