School council explore city hall

On the 24th January our School Councillors had the opportunity to visit City Hall to observe democracy in action. We learned about the amazing city we live in and how it is run.

We learned about the Greater London Authority, Mayor of London and the London Assembly, their roles and responsibilities in running the capital. We looked at the history of London and got a glimpse of some of the Assembly’s future plans for the city.

Councillor Habib reported, “What I saw, blew me away! Before the visit I thought that politicians were boring and had no fun things about them, but now I know they have an extremely important job and it is now a job I would seriously consider having in the future! This visit was a privilege itself, but learning this much is indescribable!”

Councillor Adeeva agreed, saying that “The trip inspired me to aim high and do anything I want in the future!”

“I know now that Sadiq Khan is a good man,” added Councillor Bushra, “he doesn’t only think about himself, he thinks about our environment; also he wants to build affordable houses so that more people can have a home.”

Councillor Tiffany reported “I was amazed when we were allowed to sit in the debate room. The chairs were extremely comfy and I know that very important people have meetings there.”

We would like to thank everyone at City Hall who showed us around and made sure this trip was inspiring and memorable!