Brilliant Club

Brilliant Club Programme

The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme offers an exceptional opportunity for KS2 pupils from non-selective primary schools to engage with a trained PhD researcher, exploring intriguing subject areas and receiving invaluable support to enhance their academic skills.

Through this program, pupils experience university-style learning, fostering the development of study skills, academic knowledge, and self-confidence, ultimately preparing them for success in school and opening their eyes to the possibilities of higher education.

Key Features:

  • A rigorous and supportive learning environment led by a world-class researcher
  • Exposure to university-style learning in a small group setting
  • A celebratory graduation event in collaboration with a prestigious university
  • Curriculum enrichment extending beyond the National Curriculum

Programme Impact:

Pupils who complete The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme, including those eligible for Pupil Premium, demonstrate a statistically significant increase in their likelihood to apply to a competitive university compared to peers from similar backgrounds.

Furthermore, graduates of The Brilliant Club Scholars Programme are more likely to progress to a competitive university, showcasing the program’s effectiveness in fostering academic ambition and achievement.