Poetry Retreat

The Poetry Retreat is part of our Year 5 curriculum at Vicarage, an opportunity for our pupils to explore the great outdoors (in locations such as the New Forest and the South Downs) and explore their creative potential and develop a deeper appreciation for language and literature.

The Poetry Retreats are led and facilitated by Jonny Walker, a former Elmhurst teacher and Adisa the Verbaliser, a performance poet extraordinaire. Children write together and contribute towards an anthology which is then published.

During these retreats, pupils are immersed in a creative atmosphere, drawing inspiration from their surroundings, their imaginations, and their interactions with one another. The diverse backgrounds and life experiences of the participants result in a captivating range of poetic expressions. From reflections on family life to musings on nature’s beauty and the joy of intellectual exploration, each poem offers a unique glimpse into the hearts and minds of our pupils.

Jonny, Adisa and our teachers curate a vibrant array of activities and facilitate enriching discussions, fostering a supportive environment for creativity and self-expression.
For many children, this is their first residential visit away from home and it proves to be a transformative chance to learn more about themselves, about nature and about what it means to be a poet.

This experience helps children build confidence, improve their communication skills and foster a love of learning that will serve them well throughout their academic and personal lives. By going on a poetry retreat, pupils develop a deeper understanding of the power of words and the beauty of language as well as gain a valuable creative outlet that can help them express themselves in unique and meaningful ways.

We are grateful to the New Vision Trust for their generous funding, which ensures that all invited pupils can participate in this transformative experience, regardless of financial circumstances.