Welcome to the new improved website and from your Governors. Governors are the group of people who oversee the Headteacher and Staff work at Vicarage.

Our duty is to make sure the standard of teaching and learning in the school is of the highest quality. The Governing body has a vital role in ensuring that every child receives the best possible education. We are committed to make sure that our Children can be the best they can be in their time at Vicarage.

The Governing body is the key strategic decision making body of the school and we set the school’s strategic framework. We check on progress and regularly review the school in light of that framework. The Governing body leaves the running of the school to the Headteacher and staff but can be regularly seen around the school so that we can make informed decisions in the Governing Body meetings. We need to know the strengths and weaknesses of the school.

All members of the Governing Body bring with them a range of different skills and experiences. There are termly Governing Body meetings and also termly committee meetings which make recommendations to the full Governing Body meeting.

Rev. Quintin Peppiatt

Chair of Governors


The present Governing Body is made up of the following people who can be contacted through the school office. Signed pecuniary interest declaration forms are held in school.

Name & Positions</strong Governor Type Term of Office
Cllr Quintin Peppiatt
Religious Education;Chair;Year 4;
Authority Governor Start Date ’06/07/2003
End Date 15/07/2019
Mrs Karen Dennett
Early Years;
Co-opted Governor Start Date 19/11/2014
End Date 18/11/2018
Mr Anwar Khan
Vice Chair;
Co-opted Governor Start Date 19/11/2014
End Date 18/11/2018
Mr Julian Maicheal
Year 3;
Co-opted Governor Start Date ’03/02/2016
End Date ’02/02/2020
Mrs Shabana Khan
NPW Authorised representative;Head Teacher (Member);
Head Teacher Start Date ’01/08/2016
End Date
Mrs Rosalind Sarwan
Clerk to Governors;
Non Governor Start Date ’01/10/2016
End Date
Mrs Stella Ikanik
Governors’ Training Link;Year 1;
Parent Governor Start Date ’01/05/2015
End Date 30/04/2019
Mrs Christine Lawther
Looked After Children;Safeguarding Children;Year 2;
Parent Governor Start Date 23/03/2016
End Date 22/03/2020
  • Co-opted & Authority governors are elected by the Governing Body
  • Parent Governors are elected by parents of pupils
  • staff governors are elected by staff (Head Teacher appointed by virtue of office)

Governors’ attendance

Declaration of Interests