Children achieve so much more when School and parents work together.
Below you can find information regarding the absences, punctuality, appointments and holiday.


All absences should be explained by telephone on the first day and confirmed by a letter when your child returns to school.

We will tell you if we are concerned about your child’s attendance, from when we would expect to see an improvement. If we do not receive the co-operation we expect we will make a referral to Newham’s Attendance Management Service.


Classroom doors are open at 8:45, school begins at 8:55 sharp (8.50 for Nursery and Reception). We expect all children in Key Stages One and Two to be lining up at 8:50 ready to be collected by their teacher. Any child arriving late will be recorded late in the register. These late marks are monitored very closely and concerns are shared with parents. End of school day is 3:15pm. 

If we see no improvement we will make a referral to Newham’s Attendance Management Service. Remember that even a few minutes lost at the beginning of every day adds up to a lot of teaching time that none of our children can afford to lose


Please note that we are unable to authorize any holidays during term time. Any parent taking their child out of school for a holiday during term time may incur a fine.


If your child needs to leave school during the day, please inform us in advance. No child will be allowed to leave the school premises without prior arrangement. If your child is absent from school they must return with proof of absence in the form of a prescription, appointment card or doctors certificate. As a general rule please try to make appointments after school or during school holidays. Children off for more than 5 days will be called in to school attendance panel.