Design and Technology

Design and Technology prepares children from KS1 and KS2 to take part into our changing world: they become inventors, designers and makers. Evaluating and amending their projects, enable them to solve problems and become critical consumers.

At Vicarage Primary School, DT is intertwined throughout all curriculum areas as well as being taught as a stand-alone subject all year round. Children will be given the opportunity to study the work of both local and international designers but also engage in various projects: preparing healthy meals, building reinforced structures, testing mechanical system or working with different type of fabrics. To realise their designs, children work with a range of tools and equipment to control different materials such as paper, wood, plastics and fabrics.

Every year, we organise a World of Work Week, a creative project in which children design and present an item. It provides them with an opportunity to design something for a real purpose. Alongside the development of their practical activities, children are encouraged to practise their wider mathematical skills by counting, measuring and calculating costs.

This year our children have been busy cooking, designing and making. Our Year 3 have been using all of their sense to elaborate a scrumptious Spanish meal during Spanish day. ¡Muy sabroso! In the meantime, Year 4 travelled back in time to all the way to the Roman Empire to trial some of the Roman delicacies! Year 6 was busy too, but this time no cooking involved: they have designed and made their very own version of the Baghdad House of Wisdom. Impressive DT skills involved!

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Y3 cooking


Y4 cooking