School Council

In the Autumn term all KS2 classes voted for their School Council representatives. At School Council election time, all KS2 children were invited to stand if they were interested.

They had to prepare a short speech to persuade their class members to vote for them. Some prepared a campaign poster or wrote some notes to help them. Candidates shared them with their classes, giving all their reasons why they would make a great Class Councillor – e.g. full of good ideas, being a good listener or good at organising events. All our candidates were enthusiastic about making our Vicarage School even better place for all.
After they shared ideas with their class, everyone in the class was asked to vote.
The elections for School Council are a good example of democracy; this means everyone in the class has the chance to be involved in deciding who will represent their interest in the school.
We used a ballot box and votes were counted by pupils. Our elections were run just like the General Election that decides who is in government for the country.

Visit to City Hall

On the 5th of February the School Council visited City Hall to learn about the work the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, does for the capital.

Here are some pictures from the day.


WE Day!

On Wednesday 6th of March a group of school councillors arrived at Wembley Arena to take part in the UK’s annual WE Day.

The students listened to some inspiring stories from people who survived through their own dark times and told their powerful stories of recovery.

They were also entertained by many famous artists like Tom Walker, Pixie Lott and Jack and Jack.

The indisputable highlight of the day was the on-stage appearance of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex HRH Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are expecting their first child in spring. Prince Harry moved the audience with a rousing speech addressed to all young people who want to make the world a happier and fairer place to live.






School Council collaboration across The New Vision Trust

On the 28th February our School Council went to Gallions Primary School.
Once again we had the opportunity to meet councillors from our MAT Academy schools.
The meeting began with discussions in groups to share work that we have accomplished so far, our challenges and successes.
Afterwards, each school gave a short presentation on our ‘Tackling the Litter’ action, which last year was agreed to be introduced in all our schools.  
During the meeting we also had the chance think about future actions.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Gallions Primary for hosting such a successful meeting.


School Council News

What would you like to see happen in our school? Speak to one of our School Councillors.

Members of our School Council

Vicarage School Council 2019/20

Year 3
Danny 3A
Year 4
Amelia 4M, Khadija 4Y, Nabhan 4U, Karmina 4S
Year 5
Jannat 5D, Ade 5D, Hanifa 5Z, Mohammed 5Z, Zain 5R, Amin 5S, Zahra 5S
Year 6
Eman 6I, Zahra 6B, Aamar 6B, Moses 6M, Gracia 6M, Serena 6Z, Yusuf 6Z