School Council

In the Autumn term all KS2 classes voted for their School Council representatives. At School Council election time, all KS2 children were invited to stand if they were interested.

They had to prepare a short speech to persuade their class members to vote for them. Some prepared a campaign poster or wrote some notes to help them. Candidates shared them with their classes, giving all their reasons why they would make a great Class Councillor – e.g. full of good ideas, being a good listener or good at organising events. All our candidates were enthusiastic about making our Vicarage School even better place for all.
After they shared ideas with their class, everyone in the class was asked to vote.
The elections for School Council are a good example of democracy; this means everyone in the class has the chance to be involved in deciding who will represent their interest in the school.
We used a ballot box and votes were counted by pupils. Our elections were run just like the General Election that decides who is in government for the country.

School Council News

What would you like to see happen in our school? Speak to one of our School Councillors.

Members of our School Council

Vicarage School Council 2018/19

Chair – Hawwa 5P
Vice chair – Haris 5P
Secretary – Valentine 6I

Year 3
Madeeha 3A, Mahreen 3M, Aneeza 3B, Dylan 3MA
Year 4
Adepelola 4C Khojista 4U, Mara 4U, Nusaybah 4M, Devon 4B,
Year 5
Paakwaku 5I, Lilya 5I,Gracia 5C, Keion 5C, Ahanaf 5S, Linisha 5S, Andrei 5P
Year 6
Sumaira 6S,Amaan 6S, Zakariya 6Z, Sam 6Z, Saabirin 6Z, Mussa 6I, Tasnim 6B