Healthy Schools

At Vicarage Primary School our main moto is to be ‘the best we can be’ in all areas that includes healthy mind and body. At Vicarage, children are provided with healthy meal options and advocates for physical activities by keeping children becoming physically fit as well.

Obesity rates have increased a lot. Children are not that active as they used to be before the iPads, internet, laptop, mobile phones and Xboxes were invented, they are seduced by the television along with unhealthy snacks with fats, sugar and oils. Walking to school seems like the thing of past. Today, a child’s lifestyle is more sedentary, children have become accustomed to getting rides to school as opposed to walking.

At Vicarage, our aim is to provide a balanced lifestyle to children by equipping them for future, by giving them proficiency in cycling, safety measures for riding cycles on the roads, etc

We’ve all heard the phrase “it’s like riding a bicycle…once you learn, you’ll never forget.”  But for some kids, learning to ride a bike doesn’t come quite so easily.

The Benefits of Learning to Ride a Bike

First of all, let’s talk about why it’s so good for kids to learn to ride a bike from a child development standpoint.

Leg Strength

It’s hard to think of a better activity than riding a bike when it comes to lower extremity strengthening.  What other activity can you think of that can be so fun and recreational and yet be so great for isolating those leg muscles?  There aren’t too many.

Bilateral Coordination

Children will also get a powerful dose of bilateral coordination practice as they learn to work both legs together to turn the pedals. This requires the same reciprocal (alternating) leg movements that are required for coordinated, fluent walking.


And, children get great practice with balance as they lift their feet off of the ground and up to the pedals before initiating movement.


Working the handlebars encourages upper body proprioception and strength as the hands support the upper body while turning when needed.

With childhood obesity on the rise, focusing on activities like bike riding is more important than ever – torching calories while socializing and having fun with friends is the perfect way to keep children fit.

Now that you know why bike riding is so important for health, fitness, and child development. We hope that you will support with our upcoming projects with SUSTRANS Bike.


Staff actively taking training on building their own confidence to balance a bicycle, so that they are themselves equipped and properly trained to teach children how to bike.

Parents were informed about the congestion on Vicarage road and asked to fill in a survey during one of the coffee mornings.

Road safety lesson and Assemblies were conducted throughout the school. The picture is about the Nursery children learning about the safety whilst crossing the road through singing and watching on the Interactive white board.

Keeping our body and mind active through Physical development of children, which includes exercise and following instructions.

Assemblies for all key stages by Jeremy Tranter from SUSTRANS sharing importance of biking and safety when riding a bike.