The relationship between home and school is vital, at Vicarage we expect our children to do a wide range of homework.

Every child will have a home/ school reading book which they are expected to read for 10mins every night. We also have a beautiful new school library and each child can take an extra book from here to read.

All the children from Reception to Year 6 have a home school diary; this has lots of helpful pages to support any child with their homework, such as number bonds, phonics charts etc.

Each child will receive a piece of literacy and numeracy work each week via Google Classroom. 

Just before any holidays each year group creates a holiday homework pack that will often relate to an upcoming new topic. This we find gets our children excited about their future learning.


Pupils are expected to read daily (record in their diaries) and learn their timetables to achieve their bronze, silver, gold and platinum badges. Differentiated literacy and maths homework is given out every week. Holiday homework will include a topic based research project.

Maths badges

KS1-Number bonds badges

KS1 more able and KS2

Bronze badge – knowing timescales in order

Silver – Knowing timescales in mixed order up to 12×12

Gold – Knowing inverses – division facts

Platinum – knowing drivability rules, prime numbers, cube numbers and square numbers.

Home Learning Resources


Times tables