Sports Premium

Physical Education at Vicarage Primary School

Vicarage Primary School is committed to providing an excellence in Physical Education for every pupil. We achieve the target of 2 hours of physical activity each week for every child. Our aim is to ensure that every child understands the importance of physical activity in order to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

At Vicarage Primary School we have been allocated a PE and Sports Premium. This is used to provide additional sports provision, extending high quality activities in order to help pupils achieve their personal best.

  • The Vicarage Sports Premium Grant for 2023-2024 is £23,120
  • The Vicarage Sports Premium Grant for 2022-2023 is £23,120
  • The Vicarage Sports Premium Grant for 2021-2022 is £23,130

Vicarage is in Partnership with Langdon Secondary School Sports SLA. This means we get specialist sports coaches to teach our children in subjects such as dance, multi skills and cricket. We also have a specialist sports coach for children with SEND. Staffs receive training in order to enhance their subject knowledge; we also provide sports related opportunities and competitions for our pupils.

The curriculum is taught through various sports such as dance, multi skills, football, athletics, gym, basketball, rounders, tennis and hockey. Within these sports children learn a number of skills including, creativity, flexibility, strength, balance, control, competitiveness and co-operation skills. These are learnt both as individuals and as a team.


Vicarage is an inclusive school. Our SEND pupils have additional dance sessions called Rocking and Rolling.


We have large number of lunchtime and after school clubs including: football, cheerleading, multi-skills, street dance, cricket and dodge-ball. .


Our pupils take part in various borough wide competitions: This is an opportunity to showcase the unique skills they have learned and is a great way to encourage team work, fair play, healthy competition as well as improve self-esteem.  

Play Leaders

We have trained pupils from Years 5 and 6 to run activities and competitions during lunchtimes for the younger children. This gives the children a great sense of responsibility, boosts confidence and is of course a lot of fun.

Sports Premium Impact Report  2022-23

Sports Premium Statement 2023-24