Philosophy for Children (P4C)

  • Can kindness pass from one person to another?
  • Are some people better than others?
  • Why are we here?
  • If you try hard enough will you always reach your goals?
  • Would you survive if there was no such thing as happiness?
  • Is it a higher power that causes bad things to happen?

Are all questions that you would hear being discussed if you were part of one of the Philosophy for Children (P4C) sessions at Vicarage Primary School!

Through P4C pupils are taught how to create their own philosophical or ‘big’ questions from a topic related stimulus such as a story, short film, poem, quote, object or picture.  Democracy then ensues as children vote for the question they would like to discuss in class. 

P4C aims to help children become thoughtful, caring, considerate, tolerant individuals.  The sessions enable children to discuss topics that are important to them in a safe, caring setting where everyone’s opinion is valued.   Children listen to one another ideas, are able to question assumptions, develop their own opinions and ideas, and most importantly learn that it’s alright to not agree with one another!  Furthermore, pupils are enthusiastic about joining in the discussion as they know there isn’t just one ‘right’ answer!